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Racket Servicing and Repairs

Bumper & grommet replacement

When the plastic bumper on the top of your racket wears out or splits, your frame is no longer protected. A new one can be refitted to keep your frame from wearing down.

  • All grommet sets are: £13.99 inc fitting.

Grommet repair

Worn or broken grommets will mean your string will break prematurely due to increased friction on your frame.

  • Repairs are £1 per grommet inc fitting.

Grip enlargement

Using a heat shrink wrap to preserve grip bevels and maintain control, this is a semi permanent solution. You will never need to replace the enlarger but can remove it, if required.

  • Available in half and one full size grip enlargement - £5.99 inc fitting.

Replacement grips and overgrips

Expertly applied and professionally finished. Prices range from £2-£8.50 inc fitting.

Cracked, broken and splintered frames.



Head repair

  • Badminton:£34.75 (£7 extra for second break on the same racket)
  • Squash: £34.75 (£7 extra for second break on the same racket)
  • Tennis: £34.74 (£7 extra for second break on the same racket)

Shaft/throat repair

  • Badminton: £38 (replacement shaft)
  • Squash: £40
  • Tennis: £36.50

£5.75 P&P for return if not collecting. 


Whilst we have never had a frame returned again (to date) the repair is guaranteed for 3 months. The repair is finished off with a respray of the area to match your racket's existing colour scheme. There is a small increase in weight at the site of the repair due to the materials used.